The Rap Game (Rap Verse Freestyle)

My detrimental freestyle regarding the Rap game,

To many times we all say that the Rap game changed,

To many times we mourn another Rap name in the Rap game,

Nigga’s gettin riddled like riddles but its no joke in the Rap game,

Always on your guard because watching your back is essential,

And when them bullets fly, they’ll only be a few nigga’s who’ll miss you,

You’ll be forgotten like last week, like the number one rapper on the chart,,

Now there’s a target on your head, because nigga’s wanna see you marked off,

Nigga’s wanna send you to an early grave, cause your Rap game is on point,

All cause you became harder than hard, rougher than rough, in the Rap game smoking like a joint,

Niggas snitching on you pouring salt on your Rap name like they seasoning meat,

Then they cry when the bullets fly hitting your membrane, bustin through the white meat,

Then they shoot up the candle light visuals to earn a street name for no reason,

Then they rap about it in there songs, to earn some street fame, committing treason,

Then the feds come because you snitched on yourself in the Rap game, blowing up your own name,

Yea I admit there’s a million and one rappers doing the same thang, but we are not all in the same gang,

All wanting to make noise when they enter the Rap game so they act real vicious,

Some come hard with it while others is coming with weak shit that’s delicious,

No writing skills, just freestyle that’s wack elementary flows Dr Seuss,

No real content, just indulging in dope, guns, having sex with street hoes, but they ain’t laced there shoes,

The Rap game is no joke, these nigga’s will kill you, regardless your level in the game,

There just jealous of your success in the Rap game, these nigga’s will come for you, but who’s the blame,

Pull guns on you too, you and your boo, even your mom and pops, that ain’t cool

Nevertheless, this Rap game has changed, the Street life is real, but realistically these rappers are doomed,

When your in the Rap game there’s no chill, watch your back because you could be killed, haters are on the move,

Easily at your show, while your performing in front a crowd, and your killers just hanging ready to make their move,


Onelove MDz


  1. Hey, I’m so glad I found a way to get in touch with you! I’m a big fan of yours… I have your music and book! Do you think you could help me out? I have a couple posts on my NW hip hop site and I wanted to make sure it was correct info OR if you had anything to add!
    So much respect for all you’ve done, you do and share with us. Like I said, a big fan! Thanks and here is the site …. there’s a Mob Related post and a Strait From The 206 post

    If I’m missing any of your releases that would be nice to know too AND does Street Credibility exist? Anyhow, you’ll see what I’m talking about on my site.
    Peace!! Renee


  2. Hey, I’m so glad I found a way to get in touch with you! I’m a big fan, I have your book and I think all of your music. Do you think you could help me out? I have a couple posts on my NW site and I was wondering if you could look at them and make sure the information is correct OR if I should add anything! I have a Mob Related post and a Strait From The 206 post. …

    Does Street Credibility even exist? And could you fill in the blanks with some of the other artists involved with your releases? I suppose any gaps you could fill in my knowledge base to help all of us PacNW hip hop heads to know more about the history. Once again, you’re legendary in my book, so thank you … thanks for what you’ve done, what you’re doing & what you share with us. It’s very much appreciated!

    Thank you, Renee (


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