I’ll be there In life sometimes we act as if we don’t care, living in despair , as if life itself isn’t fair, we dare to focus on all the right things, because there’s so much negativity, to drown me, But I’m like the oxygen in the air that we breathe’ you need me constantly’ in […]

My Life I see my life in an instance This game has gotten intense Many fortunes has been misplace Still race defines the human race And we all have our own dreams And we all continue growing And we all come tumbling down Like the bowling pins when we are bowling I try to put […]

After its all said and done, do we continue to play victim of  our own identity? Do we continue to camouflage our existence as humans?  How can we justify Rich from Poor?  How can you help the next person reach the next level so they too can have that opportunity to become rich?  Money doesn’t […]

SO WHAT you have a lot of money to blow, SO WHAT you have a lot of things going on, SO WHAT you may look like you have more than you have not’ SO WHAT……..nobody cares except FOR the JEALOUS one who can’t stand the fact that YOU are actually having it your way! SO […]

HERE WE GO I’m free stying as I type on this computer, first thought that came to mind was how fucked up Trump has been ruining the presidency.   I really miss President Obama’s swag.  I wasn’t a Bush fan but, He had a certain class to him that was still presidential.  I believe the the […]