The Verdict

When you commit a crime, and you get away with it, the verdict is like a stain of blood soaked into your thoughts,

It’s like getting away with something that someone knows what you have done, what you have actually gotten away with was nothing,

It’s like never understanding how to rid your thoughts of this crime that you committed, the people you’ve hurt, the chaos you’ve inherited,

The pain of the thoughts that corrupts your mind, you actually never get away with the crime, of murder,

When your born into this world of sin, then you grow to understand what it takes to win, only to be brainwashed from within,

Having money, power, and fame doesn’t always allow you to escape the verdict as your life is washed upon the sea shore, like white wash on a wall, before the spray begins,

Then they spray paint the same wall with colors of your existence, your mural, your words, your life in an instance,

Justice isn’t for everyone although the sickness of murder only comes with a price, and that’s someone losing a precious life, that belonged to a mother and a father,

When you take a life, it only creates an emptiness in your soul that doesn’t ever go away, only stays with you until your end of time,

It’s always better to walk away, although society allows us to get our AK’s and Dracos and start to spray regardless the outcome, its the cool thing to do, its the modern way,

It’s the Wild Wild West at it’s best, it’s the devil working to put us all to rest, it’s Gods way of telling us the we all need to take a breath, nevertheless

The verdict is the jury’s decision, the verdict isn’t actually the end, but it’s the beginning of a healing process, that will never actually heal,

It’s the verdict that inflames the wicked and enrage the victims, which is glorified by the predator, until the verdict reads guilty

This is were you see the true divide or our world, the division lies within the verdict weather guilty or not guilty, the guilt never goes away,

Onelove MDz

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