Wait for someone to give you a helping hand Only to realize, the hand was tarnished with attitude and wasn’t as pure as the honey comin straight from a bee hive, WAIT for someone to make you feel worthwhile only to turn around and make you feel worthless and imperfect Wait for the good to […]

Bye Bye Lil Nigga Bye Bye Nighty Night nigga Bye Bye To late nigga why cry You shouldn’t have closed both eyes When you let your glock multiply When you let your glock multiply I got hotter than the grease at a fish fry The bullet hit the bullseye But the bullseye was on the […]

Words are important especially if you tend to use them the right way You can use your words to encourage someone, brighten their day Or you can use your words to destroy someone, put them in a grave You can use your words aggressively, full of anger and pain Or you can use your words […]

When its over, Its all said and done No time to play victim, only time to get some space, get some air, get a piece of mind instead of blowing your mind away’  When its over, its all said and done No time to play victim, time to go out and get some money, jewelry, […]

My Poetry  is unorthodox, I right about what ever, when ever, how ever it comes out.  When those who needs encouragement continues to become used, I find strength in words, nouns and verbs, when you feel like losing it all, I look to the sky, before I start to fall, when times is rough, and […]

You try to turn your eye to the blind eye that sees nothing but turmoil, blood begins to boil, and your standing in the sunshine’ wrapped in foil, blood begins to boil’ Oh Well, Life was meant for some to fail, to learn to win’ to learn to fail, to learn to make it, by […]

Enough with the sad faces and depressed state of mind Enough with the hate that you use to keep on my mind If loving someone is a crime, Enough said Enough with the wickedness Enough said when all said and done Enough is Enough when hate is the outcome Enough with the doubting the negative […]