When You fall down and scrape your knee he says stop crying your not hurt, that pain will go away, Well bro now I’m bleeding, Big Bro says, that’s just a little blood, here put this band aid on you’ll be ok When feeling down and out, defeated, depressed, Big Brothers will say, come on […]

You can become undivided like attention if you Conquer the division Conquer the divisive format of wanting to be bigger and better than the next. You can become united rather than divide a person from family Divide a person from there loved ones Divide rich from poor, The division is more like a subtraction To […]

So when I thought about my life and all the missed opportunities that has came my way, I appreciate the fact that an opportunity has came and gone my way If I pass on the opportunity, I may not get the second chance to pursue the opportunity But giving the chance we can all have […]