When you commit a crime, and you get away with it, the verdict is like a stain of blood soaked into your thoughts, It’s like getting away with something that someone knows what you have done, what you have actually gotten away with was nothing, It’s like never understanding how to rid your thoughts of […]

I realize that being alone doesn’t always mean that you are actually alone, As I sit in this room, staring at these four walls, I understand that, I’m on my own, I’ve reached that plateau of life where the playing field just levels out’ We’re you can understand that life does have its doubts, Where […]

When you go to war, you have to have all your guns in tact, You have to have your army of family and friends in tact, In fact, the only weapon you really need is your heart, your mind, your game face, In the end did you bring to the war everything the war ask […]