Some people tend to think it’s right to be wrong and don’t know that there wrong, because they think there right’ confusing as it may be, a thin line in between, but once you’ve crossed that line, your no longer a Virgin to the system, that keeps providing barriers like taxes and laws, we kill […]

Guns don’t kill you they say, it’s the person pulling the trigger who has all the power, but know control but to squeeze and watch the bullet go through you, might not go through you, might have hit the person next to you, who’s the target? It’s not the gun aiming recklessly at innocent kids […]

Are you ready to promote positivity Are you ready to except the responsibility Are you ready to kill someone for no reason Are you ready to heal someone who is not quite breathing Are you ready to take charge and be in charge of your own destiny Are you ready to let the world get […]

Don’t be afraid to be patient When you go through life Afraid to live Afraid to achieve, Afraid to understand Afraid to try, Afraid to fail, Afraid to move forward Afraid the past has dealt you too many body blows Afraid to breathe the air filled with smoke Afraid to eat the food we consume filled […]

So you wanna be apart of the game Have someone blow out your brains Catch you slipping in the fast lane This happened time and time again So you wanna be a part of this culture Nigga’s killing nigga’s Don’t know who you are your a sculpture They be waiting for you to die like […]

You have every opportunity to shine You have every opportunity to free your mind The opportunity to grow, The opportunity to know, The opportunity to love, The opportunity to be creative, The opportunity to make a change, The opportunity to lend a helping hand The opportunity to make A DIFFERENCE Every opportunity is there for […]

When its all said and done, stop playing around with your life.  Its the only thing that you have and can have total control of your own situation.  You can have the things that you want, by believing in you and in you, you can achieve what it is you want for yourself.  Onelove MDz