Sometimes life doesn’t give us an option on healing, we have to learn the hard way which never really compensate the loss we took. I try and hide my feelings, only to protect my dignity and strength. I try and promote a positive outlook on life although life sometimes is hard, rough, and rugged. Nothings […]

When I think back to my childhood, I never would have made it without God, I never would have made it without Hope and Love, from my Parents, I never would have made it without having a peace of mind, to explore, life in all forms, I never would have survived the systematic racism, without […]

When times become unbearable, and we are stuck with an unforced outcome, When times become a monument of hope, as we see hope in the distance, To be civil is to be naturally humble by the choices you have pertained in life, The matarial items that you have obtained in life, The knowledge and wisdom […]

If you hate me or dislike anything about me, STAY OUT MY WAY. If you think that your going to make me react to your stupidity, STAY OUT MY WAY, Either you roll with me, or I roll over you, or you can, STAY OUT OF MY WAY, If you think you want to stop […]

We just came up through a thunderstorm, a blizzard, hurricane, and tornado, Fires burning, power outages, road rage, going from 0 to inferno, And still we manage to pull through, stand on our feet and take the first step, Every little step We took, we managed to get closer to our last breathe, It’s not […]

I never imagined living my life without you here, It’s been over a year and I still can’t fathom the fact that your not here, I try to cloud my thoughts with memories, but the reality is real, Hoping and praying that one day you will re appear, I never wanted to feel this pain […]

When we got here, we weren’t even considered human, treated worse than the animals We wasn’t even included at the dinner table, eating the scraps of our captures We wasn’t included at the parks, no recreation, only those being sacrificed for being hated We wasn’t included at the schools, if you knew, you knew not, […]

Grieving is like a 24 hr job It’s like someone’s life has been robbed It’s like feeling empty inside It’s like feeling hopelessness It’s like getting hit by a parked car Or running down the street running real hard It’s never easy It never ends It’s always others getting hurt And the hurt is felt […]

I see all my friends and family gathered in the corner A small portion of this earth, in the same corner as if I was on the same corner What will I do to get off this corner so I can relocate to another corner I hope that that corner won’t send me to meet […]