Something about the Water.

The Calming of Nature Pictures

Sometimes just watching the ducks, geese, and birds are peaceful. They are always calm when they are floating on the water. Then they come in flocks and flocks. The water could be rough and rugged or smooth. I took this picture at Seward Park, Seattle, Washington. As I took this ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, looking at my city Downtown Seattle from a distance, The cruise ship is sitting there ready to take a group to Alaska. So this next picture was Downtown Seattle at its finest, you have to get that Space Needle, as I centered it on this picture. I also captured the mountains in the back. Riding on the ferry on the Puget Sound. I took a trip to Seaside, Or, to capture this picture. Right off the Pacific Ocean, as the waves brushed ashore, and the fog was thick in certain area’s. I enjoy the nature pictures, they bring out a peace in me that’s peaceful. The Pacific Ocean is always beautiful as the waves come flying in. Looking at Mt. Rainier from West Seattle, as it sits over West Seattle. This picture was taken while riding the Ferry. I love how the Mountain can just sit way up in the sky over many other communities. As I try to capture the Eagle that’s flying in front of the Mountain, at Alder Lake. This picture was one of my favorites as the Mt. Rainier stands big and tall.

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