Don’t stop loving yourself because someone else hates to love you Don’t stop criticizing yourself because someone else wants you to be miserable Don’t stop creating a positive outlook on you life when all you get is negative vibes Don’t stop believing in yourself, when you feel no one else believes in you Don’t stop […]

If you woke up to Another Day today You have been giving another day To play life Regardless your win or loss record You still have to move forward and play life Don’t take life for granted, as we continue to be competitive against one another Don’t allow negative influences to have a negative impact […]

When your love is real it doesn’t cost a penny It doesn’t promote a harsh anger of ones personal space that has been invaded by the love that we all yearn for We all look for love, only Real love will prevail Real love cannot fail, Fake love will have you feeling like your locked […]

How can you think about homelessness when your barely functioning in a home yourself How can you support a cause when you’ve never been supported for anything you do How can you love someone, when you never have been loved before Why does your needs have to be before some else’s needs Why is fake […]