Alone, but not Alone

I realize that being alone doesn’t always mean that you are actually alone,

As I sit in this room, staring at these four walls, I understand that, I’m on my own,

I’ve reached that plateau of life where the playing field just levels out’

We’re you can understand that life does have its doubts,

Where it hurts to scream and shout, but feels good just to know that you are not alone,

The path that we take, the journeys that we walk to get to this place, doesn’t always seem fair,,

But we continue to push forward as we take breaths from the fresh air,

Although I can reach out to millions of human beings, only to be in this place alone,

I have many many friends, but in the end, it’s just me, myself, and I, alone,

I know that I’m not alone, but these four walls keep staring at me,

I sit alone in my four cornered room staring at candles is the song that’s in my head,

Because my minds playing tricks on me, mentally and physically, as I lay in this bed,

The calls keep coming, the prayers, the questions, the worry that has me worried, sitting all alone,

Maybe I can whisper to the bird outside my window, or the nurse whom I don’t even know,

Maybe I might just write myself a note, letting myself know that I will be ok,

Knowing I have family and friends who reassure you me, as they continue to pray,

Your never alone, when you have God staring at you from every corner of the room,

I might be by myself, but I’m never alone, not at all.

Onelove MDz

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