When you go to war, you have to have all your guns in tact,

You have to have your army of family and friends in tact,

In fact, the only weapon you really need is your heart, your mind, your game face,

In the end did you bring to the war everything the war ask for to win the war,

Did you leave it all on the table, your blood sweat and tears,

Did you protect what it is your trying to protect, your heart, your mind, your sanity,

When you go to war the only way that you claim victory is when you give it your all,

When you face the enemy and let the enemy know that your God is way more powerful than theirs, and your confronted with more enemies,

Then you continue to fight until there is no fight left, all your enemies have been devoured, and the battlefield is burnt to a crisp,

That’s when you claim Victory

Onelove MDz

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