I’ll be there

In life sometimes we act as if we don't care, living in despair , as if life itself isn't fair, we dare to focus on all the right things, because there's so much negativity, to drown me, But I'm like the oxygen in the air that we breathe' you need me constantly' in all honesty, when know one was there for me, it was you who cared for me, cherished me, made me feel like I belong, that's why I wrote you this song, when there's nobody I can call on, I know I can call on you' to call on me, and I'll be there' most definitely, For God so love the world, he gave his son to us as a model of dignity, still sinfully, we decline, and the outcome is already defined, by the truth, as life itself which isn't fair, and we the people act as if we don't care.Onelove MDz

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