Learn something

Learn who you are as it reflects on everyone you come in contact with

There is no known reason for the discomfort of another person to hate on another person

What does colors make besides beautiful colors

When we see colors they may become triggers for others to become hostile

We must learn to understand our self made triggers

Learn to adjust to our own mental health triggers

Learn to love thy self as God’s love is unconditional

And when you don’t feel loved, learn to understand how it got that way

Sometimes love is the most powerful weapon that can be used as a tool to control the masses

But we’ve all learned what it feels like to hate, do we know what it feels like to be loved?

We all learned what it feels like to be prejudice, racist, and broke, do you know what it feels like to be confident

We learn that life is far more important than death, but some choose death over life’

Although we learn that death can come at any given moment, we all have legacies to build, until we go, build that legacy

Love to learn only to learn that you have to learn to love something in life, don’t be afraid to let that something be you,

Learn not to fall in love with the hate that we learn about daily, the hate that was forced upon us, that haunts us,

Learn something though, because there’s a lot that hasn’t been told, and if you do the research you can find out, how much you are loved

Learn something for yourself , learn from your Kids, Parents, Uncles, Aunties, and Cousins,

Just Learn Something

Onelove MDz

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