Mind Set

When you have the mind set to evaluate your existence,

You have the power that controls your mind to exist,

Don’t exit this life trying to find your mind only to be dying slowly ,

On the grind daily as if I don’t even know me,

So I convince myself to focus on the bullseye,

I ask myself to free my mind, set it free, don’t become blind,

Don’t become a stain of blood on the concrete

What matters is the matter the elevates our minds to think,

Have that mind set to free up unwanted space,

Anybody can be erased, but your mind isn’t mines to waste,

The mind set of the realist, the hardest, the flyest, the richest, the wealthiest

Is no different than the mind set of someone with mental health or the healthiest,

We use our mind to set up for battle’s and for wars,

Only to think our minds are set for war only to want real peace

That’s that peace of mind, when you set your mind at peace,

And your mind set isn’t on a leash, but is free to roam the streets,

They want our Minds to be set to penitentiary when, we react without thinking,, but it’s on mines

Set your mind free, set your soul free, let your mind set you free

Let the world know that your not mindless, as long as your mind is set, to free

Onelove MDz

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