The New 2020

This year has already started off with a bang

2 of my lil homies then been sent to the grave

My brother got a new chance at life once he get out the rain

He can’t get through it though without going through the pain

It’s a new way of life not for the def and the dumb

Not for the weak one, not for the haterism

Love must reign over the hate that kills our kids

Our Fathers and Mothers, Nephews and Nieces even our Siblings

Why waste too much time worrying about what we want

But never worry about how to bring the next generation up

Someone dropped the ball on the game that we cherish

And why is it that many young people still perish

We can’t all get along, but why can’t we try

All it takes is being positive have some hope and unity

Dignity for humanity, shouldn’t hate on someone like you or me

Because You might just need me’ unfortunately

We the people, As a Whole community,

We meaning all of humanity’

The year 2020 has brought forth, a raw sense of reality💯😢

Onelove MDz

Miss you Bro

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