The World We Live In Today

There’s no love, no integrity, no way to protect us from the real issues we face as a community,

There’s still violence, that senseless crime of murder, selfish mindset of suicide only to understand that oneday we all will have died,

Should we promote a loving, caring, atmosphere for the youth

Or do we continue to corrupt them again and again, only to hide from the real truth

I miss my loved ones, I miss them Dearly even though their gone, I keep them Near me,

I woke up today to a quiet place, until I reached that one place, were the crying you can’t escape

Sometimes its hard to understand our fate, praying we won’t be erased, hoping I won’t be replaced,

God gave us a world, and we as humans abuse the world, we abuse the life we were giving,

Taken advantage of those folks, who are living, loving, and given,

We all take for granted the World that we live in, because the world we are in, its full of corruption and sin

There’s no way you can win, but the latest generation can’t comprehend

Do you have a helping hand to lend, maybe even a bottle of gin,

What’s unhealthy to a pure heart, were the ending is a fresh start, and the beginning is a pure heart abused from the start

In this world we live in today, its just as corrupt as yesterday, like sitting in a room that’s dark

And it stinks from a real bad fart, but you stay there, cause your not that smart

Our existence isn’t relentless, need to become a witness, Elevate your mind, exercise, fitness

The world we live in today, is nothing like yesterday, and tomorrow won’t be like today

As we lay, we need to think about tomorrow, as we lay to rest, there may not be another tomorrow

As we continue this journey called life, we have to be patient

Because too many times life is rushed expeditiously and death is the only thing waiting

The World we live in today, is nothing like yesterday

In which you can only find peace with a piece, which brings no peace just turmoil and dismay

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