Level Up

We just came up through a thunderstorm, a blizzard, hurricane, and tornado,

Fires burning, power outages, road rage, going from 0 to inferno,

And still we manage to pull through, stand on our feet and take the first step,

Every little step We took, we managed to get closer to our last breathe,

It’s not always about death, destruction, murder, hurt, hate, and pain, can lead to depression,

Sometimes the lesson is within you, the fires burning inside you, the love is in you, like indigestion,

We tend to live for aggressive behavior, only to bring danger, to those who we care for,

When we all manage to understand the depth of our realities, and realize maybe we need to love more,

Yea I’m better than you, smarter than you, even make moves better than you do,

The only competitor is the person inside you, the person who wants to be you, is not even you,

Why bother to justify the negative perception, that leads to aggression, and we all have an obsession,

Time to LEVEL UP, go in the positive direction, Because humanity was created, which allows us to adapt these confessions,

Level UP get to the next level, embrace your reality, your truth, your passion, don’t be afraid to fail,

Level UP, don’t be afraid to take the high road when they are on the low road, waiting for you to fail,

Never give some one the opportunity to disregard your greatness, for fake ness,

Level Up so you can achieve as long as you believe, don’t let know one put you in bad placement, don’t become racist

Level UP

Onelove MDz

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