Without You

I never imagined living my life without you here,

It’s been over a year and I still can’t fathom the fact that your not here,

I try to cloud my thoughts with memories, but the reality is real,

Hoping and praying that one day you will re appear,

I never wanted to feel this pain or grief, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,

Although we all must go through this, we all must respect the outcome,

Damn, not again! It seems as if it happens over and over and over, again

Different scenarios, same out come, wishing they were hear, wishing I could hold them again,

Some how some way, we will get through this, it just takes to much time to heal,

One step at a time, one breathe at a time, Onelove to our loved ones, we gotta stay on the grind, with you on our minds,

Without you not in our world, but with you on our minds,

With you in our thoughts’ keeping you close, keeping you near my heart

Without you in our lives, feels like our lives just froze, in this timeless world that we live

We live to honor those who have passed on, while we remember those who have passed on, never to forget,

The cycle never ends only to begin again as we walk around like a merry go round

Hurts like my mind is being slammed to the ground

With these thoughts and memories

Of being Without You, and you not being here with us,

Although I cherish every memory and all the good times you’ve spent with US

Onelove MDz

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