Stay out my way

If you hate me or dislike anything about me, STAY OUT MY WAY.

If you think that your going to make me react to your stupidity, STAY OUT MY WAY,

Either you roll with me, or I roll over you, or you can, STAY OUT OF MY WAY,

If you think you want to stop me from dreaming, STAY OUT MY WAY,

If your a racist, bigot, hypocrite, lier, thief, or someone who just can’t get it right, STAY OUT OF MY WAY,

When the devil provokes you, don’t be afraid to tell him to, STAY OUT OF YOUR WAY!

Life is to short to hold on to things that doesn’t deserve your attention, your time, your efforts,

Life is full of challenges, barriers, triumphs, and failures

Life does not work the same for everyone

So If you can’t understand that, then You need to, STAY OUT MY WAY!

Onelove MDz

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