Why all the Hate? GET OVER IT!!

When we got here, we weren’t even considered human, treated worse than the animals

We wasn’t even included at the dinner table, eating the scraps of our captures

We wasn’t included at the parks, no recreation, only those being sacrificed for being hated

We wasn’t included at the schools, if you knew, you knew not, because if you knew, you’d get shot’ killed, lynched,

We was punished for becoming educated only to create, tools and instruments that was a creative way to make it easier to work for free,

We’ve been raped and killed, lynched and beat, Men, Women, and Children of God under Gods eyes, and we,

Act As if they had the authority and audacity to hold us back by any means without just cause

We managed to become passive to the ruling party, and became eager to break the laws

We fought with our minds and not just our bodies, our community, our underlying strength of God and songs to carry us through

Our bodies have already been abused in fields of cotton, we’ve been exposed with diseases and we still had to keep quite, and keep on

Our bodies have been used as a tool for economic growth, we had to educate without education through hatred, they never wanted us included or involved

Our bodies was the tool that fixed the weak, and carried the strong, and cared for the weary, and praised the God we was all taught to love, through the hate

We just continued to carry on, and on, and on, through the many fires and attempt to keep us enslaved, incarcerated, uneducated, and more,

Until we broke the pile on we broke the plain, we broke the rules, we broke the spirit, we so broken, what else do we have to lose

We elevated and escalated to bigger, better, and brighter days, because we’ve always been lost, only to gain a way of thinking,

Still to be shadowed by a rain cloud of hatred towards us, still we fight for freedom, for justice, for life,

Everything you have tried only worked for so long, before we learned how to get the chains off,

Then we figure out how to pursue happiness through times of distress, pain, and through lives that’s been lost, because of the hate,

If the shoes was on the other foot, we would reach down and lift you up, comfort your heart, and maintain a peaceful dialogue

Since the shoe is on your feet, it’s the hate mob, Jim crows family and ancestors who just doesn’t like me very much, don’t know me at all, don’t care for me one bit, don’t want me to be able to be free. BY any means,

They don’t understand me, we, or us, or how it feels to be the Man that I am in this land that’s not even considered there’s to fight for,

They use the flag as a symbol of hate, they use there guns to intimidate

They use our racial background and color tones to fuel the hate, to fuel the negligence, to fuel the fire that continues to burn through the storm,

They use our minds to manipulate the hate, as we go face to face, to battle race, it’s never been a fair race,

They are so inferior that they can’t do nothing else with the hate, but hate, even when there’s nothing left to hate,

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, just to hate 1 more time, before you go to sleep forever

Over and over, over and over, again and again, wake up just like me, praying to God just like me, praying that My family and I are safe, from the Hate,

The hate won’t win, it never has and it never will, as long as we come together and understand that life is real, love is real, but don’t love to hate,

And what we have been through already, doesn’t compare to what has yet to come in this life, as we continue to debate and understand the hate,

All I can say is…….Get Over It Already

Onelove MDz

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