We are who we Are

Who are you? I mean really who Are you??

I don’t know if I know this person who’s in your body, really who are you?

Why are you so angry and frustrated full of hatred and pain

We know people are known to have an outer body experience, sometimes it’s sunny other times it may rain

But the person inside you isn’t the fun loving person that I have been knowing throughout years

Something changed, something went sideways, someone went left

And who you are isn’t what you said you would be when you was a child

Now life came about and look at you now

Don’t fault me for my wrongs and praise me for my rights

In life We are who We are regardless the hardships and pains we go through in life

Some say it builds character but others just sit back and stare at’cha

Wondering who you really are, because we are who we are and some don’t really know who you are

The person on the inside, never shows up when the person on the outsides mouth begins to speak up

Hatred leaving your mouth, while the love in your heart is put on pause, time to re/up

No apologize, because that’s who you are on the outside, and when the hate come out, people tend to applause

Only to find love on the inside’ that’s confused when you begin to speak on the outside, cause your showing no love

No one is above’ we walk on the same ground, we do the same things, feel the same pains

We are who we are and what we are, that’s it

No changing or rearranging who we are, because we are who we are regardless are faults

Onelove MDz

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