When we Matter

When we Matter then our lives will matter

We can’t belong to some falsified movement thats about All Lives

We had to be provoked to start our own movement for Black Lives

Black is a color and the revolution has been televised

For the world to see how someone could say “I don’t see color!” But they ain’t color blind

We hide behind these walls of deception

Only to let the world feel our aggression

Only to let the world know that we also have an infection

An infectious disease that kills our morals only to learn life’s harshest lesson

And why can’t we all get along? Rodney King asked that

And the cities was burned and looted, then came back

Because honestly some don’t want too, go back like a throw back, Jim Crow that

But moving forward, some people aren’t taught that moving forward doesn’t mean to turn back

Hate is real and to some Hate Matters more than you know

What matters to me don’t always have to matter to most, I can brag and boast

If you Matter to me, then I should Matter to you, Stop the Violence was a movement too

That’s not the case, this is A Matter of Fact

All Lives won’t Matter until the Matter in our lives Matter’ know that

Our Lives Matter, because we Matter to our family and friends

Black Lives won’t Matter until we understand the meaning of Matter within

When you say All, that doesn’t include Most folks, only the deception

When you killing innocent kids, senselessly, then when will Life Matter more than oppression

For some Life don’t Matter at All because they’ve never experienced the love of life

The deception is in your own mind that creates the hate

So When We All Matter, Then Black Lives Will Matter, but until then

I want the youth to produce a movement that says OUR LIVES MATTER

Because some color blind folks don’t understand What Matters most

Is Loving Life,

Onelove MDz

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