Self Dignity

In this life we live, you don’t have time to wait

For someone else to tell you that Your Great

You don’t have time to worry

About someone else’s worry or worries to begin to worry on you

You have to look at your self and use your conscious to justify your worth

To dignify your existence in a bubble, keep your circle small

All in all, who has the right to tell you that YOU are not excellent

Who has the right to judge the most dignified human being

When someone has self pride and dignity, and enough courage to face the opposition

Over and over and over again, only to have to prove themselves, over and over and over again,

Just to wake up to do it All over again

Believe in what you mean to yourself

And KNOW that Yourself worth, is more than any dollar amount

KNOW that Your life is worth more than death, as our lungs consume the hatred in the air

In death what was your life worth, if it’s worth anything, was it worth more than the hate that was thrown your way

What matters most is that you matter, your worthy, your confident, your courageous, your amazing, your talented, your better than average

Your better than what they say you should or couldn’t be,

Road blocks shouldn’t stop you, when your confident, when your worthy, when your free of false accusations in your mind

KNOW that You are the definition of dignity, you are the definition of being EXCELLENT’

Don’t ever let no one tell you anything other than that, because being a failure, doesn’t define you, or your character

One love MDz

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