Fake Love, Fake Smiles, DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME?

Yea I see you smiling, I see you clinching your teeth

I see you only through your bodies reflection, do you see me?

Where ever I step, A smile is kept only to insure,

My heart is pure, I know because it’s my heart for sure

Only to endure a harsh reality of being camouflaged

Sometimes Fake smiles is the affect from the cause

Your smile represents your truth, but is it the truth?

When you hide behind a broken heart, hidden behind fucked up moods

When you try to forgive, but forget to start over

When the past is part of your future, the past that you try and forget, over and over

Still haunted by your smile, hounded by hate, frustrated

Frustrated with life, sometimes death is underrated

But death is the bait, and that’s not a debate’

Especially when your living your life not being real but fake,

Fake as a smile with evil eyes watching

Fake Love hurts, when you begin stalking

Let go of the hypocrisy’ the relationship mentality, the thin line

Only to hold on to something Fake’ unrealistic, sad and lonely, still blind

A mirage of hope, the reality is like smiling, but your smiles are phony

Because honestly you really don’t even know me, you really don’t even know me



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