Are you ready

Are you ready to promote positivity

Are you ready to except the responsibility

Are you ready to kill someone for no reason

Are you ready to heal someone who is not quite breathing

Are you ready to take charge and be in charge of your own destiny

Are you ready to let the world get the best of me

Are you ready to die

If your ready, I wanna know why

Are you ready to promote a positive thought

Or are you already to except the loss

Sometimes love is bought only to hate the one you should love

Or is it that money is not love and money has no love

The value of money is that it’s only valuable to us

But everyone can’t have it, so why should it have any value

Are you ready to go get money by any means

Or do you have a cautious thought thats been placed inside of you

Are you ready to go to war, or to prevent the war from happening

Are you ready to get ready to go into battle

I’m ready, I stay ready, so I won’t have to get ready here in Seattle

Are you ready?



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