Guns don’t kill you

Guns don’t kill you they say, it’s the person pulling the trigger who has all the power, but know control but to squeeze and watch the bullet go through you, might not go through you, might have hit the person next to you, who’s the target? It’s not the gun aiming recklessly at innocent kids

Your eyes are closed as the trigger is squeezed, and you continue to aim recklessly in a crowd of human beings

Kids cannot even protect you as they too are caught in the crossfire, but what did the gun do? The bullet went through you, as the gun continues to shoot viciously, it stops only when the scene is in Chaos and the person pulling the trigger decides to stop squeezing the trigger,

All in all it wasn’t the guns fault, but the person behind the gun though, who wasn’t taught that guns kill when people choose to make that decision to squeeze the trigger allowing the bullet to go through the chamber and hit whatever target it desire

Now we’re all in danger, sad that we are all just strangers, bonded by someone else’s anger, who decided to squeeze the trigger, allowing the bullet to go through the chamber and connect, as the combustion produces a flame!

That goes out when you’ve takin your last breathe in the game

This goes out to all the innocent kids or those sitting in there living room watching TV, or driving down the street, before someone felt they needed to squeeze the trigger, at me and this includes the police, why would you wanna see me deceased before my life is complete??


Onelove MDz

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