Don’t be Afraid to be Patient

Don’t be afraid to be patient

When you go through life Afraid to live

Afraid to achieve, Afraid to understand

Afraid to try, Afraid to fail, Afraid to move forward

Afraid the past has dealt you too many body blows

Afraid to breathe the air filled with smoke

Afraid to eat the food we consume filled with dope

Afraid of insects crawling on you back

Patience still will allow you to relax

Having patience means your not Afraid to understand the depth of common sense

Patience will allow you to humble you’re thoughts,  and begin again

Sometimes we lose our minds to the universe and the materials that come with it

Other times we become consumed with hate and anger which cause hurt and pain

Never be Afraid to be Patient in the process of living life as blood flow through your veins

Take advantage of being the best you you can be, don’t wait til its too late

All it takes is time and patience to learn to love and erase the hate

It takes PATIENCE so don’t be Afraid to be Patient!!

Onelove MDz

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