Graphics Artist, Poet, Writer, and Hip Hop Artist. My themes will focus on politics, sports, and any other topic that may be of importance.

I took a picture of myself so i can remember the moment that captures myself. When I see myself I get all these thoughts floating around in my head but, I realize in this picture its just me. I got on my shades so I can stay fly but, behind the mask its just me. […]

The Time is NOW to make a difference in someone else’s life, the choice is there’s to allow you to make that difference, When you have no one to guide you in the right direction, don’t allow someone to guide you in the wrong direction.  Someone is the one whom always appear to have your […]

Time will always tell if you succeed or if you fail.  Fail to realize your dreams, fail to understand who you are, fail to take chances, fail to move forward, fail to love, learn, and appreciate those who are there for you.  Success comes after.

Today we must try and find ways to unify our universe, understand our world, and fight for just cause’s.  Money breeds, Power, breeds Envy, breeds Wealth, and breeds Poverty.  If I had my choice we would all have what it is that we need to get us to the next level.  Money comes fast, and […]

Your Circle is yours, My Circle is mines!!

Why do people continue to allow garbage in their personal private circle?  We bring in what we choose to, and after having second and third thoughts, you still allow that one person to come into your circle and destroy your solidarity amongst those who should be in your circle.  Just saying  

When your honest, it shows, its bright it glows, it sings in harmony, it shows loyalty, being honest is like royalty, then you have to understand who are we? or is it just me? Im being honest about what I see, or dishonest because Im hiding behind the tree, hoping they don’t catch me, because […]

I feel that to be as rich of a country as America, many of its citizens who have money don’t always allow those without money to climb aboard.  If I can get 1 million people to  give me a dollar then I will be considered rich.  If that is the quality of life you choose […]