Words are important especially if you tend to use them the right way

You can use your words to encourage someone, brighten their day

Or you can use your words to destroy someone, put them in a grave

You can use your words aggressively, full of anger and pain

Or you can use your words to influence me, to breathe again,

Words can brighten up someone’s day, if you choose the right words to say

Words can became weapons, as you throw them around like bullets, aiming your way

Some people can’t stand when they are asked to use words, they may become confused

They don’t wanna hurt nobody so they choose to be quiet, don’t want to be rude

Then those silent words become violent words, crashing like angry birds

Words that causes riots, and destroys our conscious in this world

I use words to lift you from the ground, help you feel like your more than worthless

Words should never be used to destroy someone’s smile, its not worth it

Words are Words and we can continue to recreate

Praying someday the Judges words, won’t decide my fate!




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