My Life

My Life
I see my life in an instance
This game has gotten intense
Many fortunes has been misplace
Still race defines the human race
And we all have our own dreams
And we all continue growing
And we all come tumbling down
Like the bowling pins when we are bowling
I try to put it out on the table
Some be acting like I’m unstable
I’m more stable than a loose screw
Especially thrown hot shells towards you
Leave you in dismay when I display
My anger, my mentality has been misplaced
Like a slap in the face
Sometimes you gotta erase
Those thoughts that has you in a bad place
You can keep your own perception
My goal is to make peace, like I’m in an election
My goal is to greet you, not look in the other direction
My aim is to bring heat, so you can make me your selection
I get into you like I’m dissecting you mentally
And I spits like intensely nothing soft and gently
Something rough raw and deadly
We act like how these kids be
Still barking up the same tree
Still not wanting to be who we be
Unfortunately God is within me
But sometimes I feel the beast trying to get in me

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