A Hug

A hug can mean so much to someone who needs a hug

Many times you open your arms and allow someone you trust in your space

Other times it’s to be romantic to embrace

Sometimes tears fall of joy and of disgrace

A hug sometimes can even the race and keep you in a safe place

Today I seen a hug that affected me so much

Only because I wanted one also, but I wasn’t allowed to proceed

I prayed that the energy from the hug would lead to positive thoughts of our child hood

I prayed that the embrace would not be the last time they stood face to face

This lifestyle is meant to establish a mindset of love and affection

Peace among us all as we sit and watch the simplicity of reaching out and opening your arms

A pat on the back’ a whisper in an ear,

Words of wisdom, show no emotions , show no fear

As tears begin to fall, and the hugs coming to an end

As you begin to separate

The energy from one soul continues on to the next

A hug can mean so much to someone who needs a hug

All in all it’s all love it’s always love, from the lord up above

From deep within, sometimes we all need hugs but we can’t hold on forever

I just pray that it won’t be the last hug, I pray that this hug will last forever

Do you need a hug?

Onelove MDz

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