As history repeats itself, I’m feeling like I let you down,

Never imagined this would be another stretch of time invested into the land of the unknown

Unless you was there yourself

Life after life after life has been wasted, mentally strong physically strong’

But this time it’s different’ it’s not fair, justice for the unjust,

As we contemplate the changes and life experiences that you will endure,

On your journey to no man’s land we’re there’s all Men,

I hate the fact that life has pushed me to the limit

Although I’m not trippin the Bentley, yea I Was in it

The love and pain I don’t regret it, I’m still with it

The atmosphere, is still cloudy but the sunshine is still shining on me

The glow of life is still spilling its fruits and labor on myself feel me

As I continue to carry out my wealth, like a stealth fighter plane flying high above the rain

Don’t complain just remember my life ain’t yours to live’ and In the end

I have had everything to give, everything to enjoy, everything within

It’s not sin when you win, but in the end

For being me, it’s not a sin it’s not for you to understand

And everything that I have to live for is real, so don’t feel sorry for me

Just love me and let me be me unconditionally’ love me endlessly

Onelove MDz

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