I Never Knew

I never knew that when I grew up I would be stuck in this world filled with drama, turmoil, and pain,

I never knew about how quick the sunshine could turn to rain,

I never knew how some would take there life for granted,

I never knew of the many drugs that has been placed on our planet,

I never knew why some would choose to take a life,

I never knew that living life was the ultimate price,

I never knew what the benefits would be of going to college or not,

I never knew this lonely place on earth would begin to rott

I never knew how to love unconditionally until I was hurt,

I never knew the outcome of my life, after my Mother gave me birth,

I never knew how our life would end,

Only to go to church to be reborn again,

I never knew how society would turn out,

All the homelessness and mental illness, the fight over clout,

One thing that I did know,

Is that we only have one life to live, so live it how you know,

Do what you do,

Onelove MDz

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