Time to Breath

Through the fresh air, there is still toxic fumes that fills the air that we breath daily.

The fumes that fills our lungs with toxins that cause us to breath abnormally

The Air is filled with love as we continue to promote the oxygen that we inhale

As we exhale the turbulent ways of life that overshadows our way of life as we try not to fail

We try not to regress as we continue to move forward day in and day out, just trying to breath.

Just trying to take a gasp of air as we think that our oxygen levels my decrease in time

We are blind to death as we don’t know the true outcome except that our loved ones has moved on

If they had more oxygen in there lungs, that filled there lungs with the breathe of life, they may have carried on

Its time to breath and reach a new plateau of life, as the toxic air is too much for us to breath

We still continue to breath and release carbon monoxide back into the atmosphere

Now we have to wear mask and we have to breath our own air because the air is toxic everywhere

And the air we breath isn’t good for our lungs, although we have to continue to breath and look for fresh air

We have to continue to move forward as we inhale and exhale leaving anxiety in the atmosphere

Exhaling all the pollutants back into the air, as we inhale again, just to breath it all in again,

All we want is to breath, a time to breath, a time to reflect, a time to love, and a time to gain

Gain knowledge and wisdom, gain responsibility and understanding, gain the breath of life

Don’t suffocate your lungs, with hate, and worry, don’t suffocate your world with short breaths

Take a Deep breath and release the love that’s in your heart, or the wisdom that you was taught,

The world that we share together is connected by The Air we Breath

So when I say its time to Breath, wake up and inhale, the fresh air, not the toxic air that corrupts our mind state

Its time to Breath the fresh air of life, because Death is going to come one day and you will have your last and final breath

Until then continue to breath, continue to love, continue to embrace the realities of life,

Its time to breath.

Onelove MDz

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