Here we go again

I see all my friends and family gathered in the corner

A small portion of this earth, in the same corner as if I was on the same corner

What will I do to get off this corner so I can relocate to another corner

I hope that that corner won’t send me to meet the coroner

Why do we commit crimes that don’t make sense

Then we end up on a dead end street, only to commit

You’ve committed once but this commitment isn’t the sane

Sometimes it’s best to let one be so you can stay in your lane

We all ain’t perfect, we all can’t get along

But we all are human and in the end it’s the same song

Same tragedy same feelings of defeat, same feelings of the day again sometime we shall meet


We can’t be dumb founded by the senselessness when the evidence is real

And no ones to blame but a man and a women

Who met one night

Just cause I met you I shouldn’t have to lose my life

We have been here many times before

Life should not be ignored

We’ve been down this road before

Here we go again

Onelove MDz

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