This year

This year looked a lot like last year except your not here

This year gave me the same outcome as it did last year when I began this year

The hurt and the pain still feels the same

The love never goes away just like the pain of you not being around

I lost my Uncle Tommy, my Brother PJ, my Dog Seven, my best friends Mom Inez, and a host of other loved ones in 2020

I share my pain with you all because again life is not promised

For those who wanna become rappers just to get killed by your ops, is only your death wish

For those who don’t think there life is worth living, keep moving forward, because it’s not your time

Don’t go out prematurely before you have the opportunity to make your place in This life as a rapper

Live long enough to see your kid’s, kids…….kids grow so they too can know your stories

Don’t become a rapper just to get killed by your homies, your fans, or your enemies

Become a rapper who can inspire us by other ways rather than by how many guns you got and how much dope you put in your body

Your body is not mines, and it’s your life….not mines

One thing this year taught me was to be resilient when it comes to life

Be resilient when it comes to love, Be resilient when it comes to our Family and friends

This year is not over, and from the likes of it, the BS is not over, and the drama won’t subside, and the games must go on, like the show must go on

Be resilient when this year ends so we can begin to take on this new year, this year not wait until next year to come because Next year is on its way

The last 4 years has been a mess, as you know but we survived those who’s still around in this mess

Nevertheless with Gods grace, We are all blessed

Be thankful that God gave us the opportunity to live through this year

Even though this year 2020, was riddled with bullets from every kind of weapon known to man

We must continue to work together making it through This Year with our bumps and bruises and gunshot wounds

There is no real winner when the loser isn’t capable of taken the loss, and the loss is life, one that won’t ever be replaced

Only This Year can be defined by either your gratitude to live or your ungratefulness to live

Onelove MDz

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