So he came home 7/7/07, so I Named him Seven

Lucky Seven to be exact, and he was always happy

There were times we had are Man vs Man battles

Of course I always won the battle, but he always came back to love me, so you always won the war

He always found away to make my life meaningful

Without Seven around, I feel that emptiness, that void, that loneliness

I’ll miss his bark and his cries to get outside and see something

I will miss his laugh and him running and jumping around the house like he’s on a race track

I will miss his jumpin on my couch urinating on my pillows when I’m not paying attention to him

I know losing a pet is tough, as I have lost some pets before

But I have never lost Seven,

Kids would be like, “ Hey a cute lil puppy, and try and reach down to pick Seven up

Seven would respond, “ Grrrrrr! I’m a grown Lil Man!” “But I still wanna play with you.”

Seven was a blessing to our household for years, and years, and years

He was always happy to see my friends, and protecting my home, my mother, and myself

We will all miss you Seven, we will all miss you, and we will all Remember you

Rest In Dog Paradise

Love MDz

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