How Life Works

We are all born in this world supported by someone’s smile

We are all comforted and held in our parents arms for a little while

We cry they pick us up and tell us it’s ok

We fall they pick us up, dust us off, and continue to care for us

At some point, the reception of perception begins to show through the minds of those caring for us

Then you wonder how you made it this far in life listening to hate

Are you scared to love, because as I got older I’m like where is the love,

Where is the positive togetherness of the parent loving there child

In return, where are those kids who are loving and caring for their parent as they did when you was a child

Once you learn how to talk, walk, and make decision that doesn’t bring division to your life

Then you won’t have to hate life but embrace life as it is the only thing we don’t have control of

We are all vessels going down the same river drowning in life and this world that we consume

We are all humans, and the same way you was conceived and delivered from you Mothers womb

We were also, and now as I’m grown, there still needs to be that feeling of being cared for as if you were just born

Because once you get older it’s like the love is torn our bodies are worn, our hearts become scorned

As Life continues to recreate someone who looks like you or me

As we generate then penetrate the earth with our bodies only to rest in peace

From birth to the earth give that love to a person who needs it as we give love to the youth before they become contaminated by our ways of deception

This how life works so become your own legacy

Because you becoming me unfortunately it can never be

The same way you love that cute lil baby is the same way we should love our teenagers and adults unfortunately

This Is Life💯💯💯

Onelove MDz

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