She got us all humble living our life in a bubble

Her name is Quarantina and she’s put everybody in there place

She not playing as long as this virus keeps singing us the blues

She wants you all in the house but not to beat on your spouse

She wanted us all to get along’ but still we must stand alone

We must stand strong, and hold on, until her infectious flu like behavior is gone

Then maybe the government will let us come out and play

We’ve been immune to her like she was always here

Quarantina says look me in my face, have no fear

As I stare at my empty walls, hand sanitizer and Lysol everywhere

She says don’t go to work, unless you have to go

Don’t listen and Quarantina’s love juices will get you 4sho

Live your life although Quarantina has us moving slow

Quarantina is a chick that I really didn’t have to know

She isolated me from my world, crops can’t even grow

Hard enough can’t even go to the grocery store no more

She doesn’t want us out doors,

Quarantina is on something else’ isolated all by her self

And she wants you to be faithful to her

As we go through this, we all must embrace Quarantina

4 real, Because she really ain’t playing

Onelove MDz

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