The Virus

Who’s scared of the big bad virus, or should I say who’s afraid, Only time will tell if we succeed or fail this virus, this mess, this Flu pandemic thats got us all on the edge.  Wash your hands is like an understatement, Wash your ass is something that you should do all the time, but in the end we are all walking unhealthy germs trying to be healthier by the day.  Not only does this Virus divide us, but it brings us together without fear.  Those living in fear can only imagine those being couragous by going to the store getting supplies for elderly people, praying they too don’t pass the virus on by delivering the elderly their groceries.  Not only does this virus have us on lock down, we are all confined in our own communities, within our own souls, living life isn’t living unless you take chances like going to the store, or providing a service that helps those who could use assistance at the moment.  The Virus has us going Live on FB just to become reporters of our own communities within our own homes.  This Virus has us thinking about the future, not knowing what lies ahead.  The Virus seems simple but yet its affective only when you don’t wash your hands, and touch your own face, and sneeze on someone, even coughing while standing in the line at the grocery store.  Companies don’t want to shut down causing people to continue to work in unclean contaminated places where the Virus is lurking to attach itself to someone.  Be clean, be free and be healthy in this terrible time of uncertanties.  Maybe as human’s we became use to a way of life that is being forcefully challenged by silent killer that’s a Virus.  Be safe 2020 has been erased by This Virus.  OneloveMDz

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