What Now JustUs or JustIs

After observing the uproar from the belly of the beast

The cry for air, the cry for peace, the cry for justice

Not Just Us but Just iS!!

Just is not alright to allow hatred to torment our minds

Just Is not right to spread the hatred of one people across the land across the earth

Just is Not right to enslave our minds and mentality to limited access of a false reality

If it’s Justice then Why do we have to die before you can actually feel the pain of my brothers and sisters

Why is Justice that we try to deny human rights to humans only to shelter them in prisons and jails

Just is that We have always been at the bottom only to rise again and again and again

Just IS to be taken away, burned down, or stripped of your accomplishments

Just US have always fought for peace just to have a peace of mind

We must not invoke on the hate that’s been thrown at Just US

There would be no Justice in Just US but Just Is for them and those who breeds the hatred of the so called for fathers

But embrace the hate and learn to love Just US more

Should be sick and tired of there game plan to keep Just US bounded gagged and chained

I promote peace to love not a piece to kill Just US

Life is worth living, and love is worth giving it Just IS

Love is worth sharing

Love is worth caring

But when it come with a deadly price on my head because of who I am that’s not Justice

Then tough love is warranted, and though shall not parish

But have an everlasting life in this life

Rest In Peace to all those who have lost there lives to this struggle through life

Say there names, relive there moments, feel the fear in the captured as the capturer is afraid to let go of Just Us

Feel the rage In the voices

For police to make better choices

May God keep his healing hands in our community

May we find common ground on uncommon ground and move forward from Jim Crows fascination of hating Just US

KKK will you continue to hate, or allow your hearts to grow for Justice for Just US or is that Just what it IS

Evil people, will you ever understand the pain you’ve caused to Just US

For that you gets no standing ovation, no applause

So what now Justice

Why do we have to protest so we can thrive to survive this life that we’ve never asked for

This life that’s easily given to us but forcefully taken from us at any given moment

Be brave be loved be vigilant to Protect our culture our way of life

We don’t need police to lie and protect there body armor, there interest there quotas

Live life to Love Just Us and Justice it Just Is


  1. Awesome spoken words my dear brother.
    Just Is, is Just Us…The world needs to read this piece and be elevated to a higher level of understanding the in Just Us.
    Bob Marley said: “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.”
    Gods people, don’t allow yourself to be enslaved by the injustice around us. Rise up, free your mind and stand up…A change is coming soon my brothers and sisters. Believe, Release and Pray! By, CaTina D.

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