Missed the opportunity

So when I thought about my life and all the missed opportunities that has came my way,

I appreciate the fact that an opportunity has came and gone my way

If I pass on the opportunity, I may not get the second chance to pursue the opportunity

But giving the chance we can all have the opportunity to love one another as if we love ourselves

The opportunity to be free without worry, stress, or fear

To understand that life is important because we all have the opportunity to live and let live

Death comes with no opportunities, only memories

I’m grateful for the memories, but the opportunity to die is not up to me

Taking risk may risk your chances of having the opportunity to live a healthy life

But sometimes the risk is an opportunity to better lives

And we all still have the opportunity to think freely

The opportunity to strive for what’s great not what hates

Don’t miss your opportunity as they come in all forms,

And sometimes the opportunity can be worn like a pair of jeans torn, hand on the Bible sworn

Still the opportunity isn’t hot but it’s warm

Luke warm, or room temperature,

The opportunity is yours, don’t miss your opportunity being mis-informed

Onelove MDz

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