What’s a Big Brother

When You fall down and scrape your knee he says stop crying your not hurt, that pain will go away,

Well bro now I’m bleeding, Big Bro says, that’s just a little blood, here put this band aid on you’ll be ok

When feeling down and out, defeated, depressed, Big Brothers will say, come on let’s go for a ride, let’s go have a drink, let’s go to casino

When I feel alone, my phone would ring, Hey it’s Big Brother checking on you, you ok? You need anything? Lets go get some food

When you don’t want to laugh, but Big Brother forces you to laugh, because he just said something that was stupid and funny at the same time

When your a Big Brother you know how to care for your little brothers and sisters, there looking up to you for guidance and understanding, for courage and love, all the Powers of a Big Brother,

You gain a host of little Brothers and Sisters, by being the Big Brother for all, then all your friends would also become my Big Brother, they love you, so they adopt me as there little brother also

I never would know how it feels to be a Big Brother, because I’m the Little Brother, I know how it feels to be the Little Brother, I was taught well by my Big Brother,

I would have changed places with my Big Brother, but he would have said Hell No is you Crazy? Big Brother would say, this is me, you do you, I’m gonna be OK,

I’m like Big Brother we’ve always done for one another, so I’m here for you til the end, is there anything you need, Big Brother says yeah, for you to get some sleep, and another Ice Chip, then I’m OK,

Big Brothers says’ you look tired you need some sleep’ you need to go get something to eat, you need to take care of yourself, Big Brother, you took care of me all my life, time for me to take care of you,

Big Brother says no I’m still here to take care of you, always have, and always will, my Little Brother always took care of me, I can depend on my Little Brother to be here,

And I can always feel blessed that My Big Brother always took care of us, looked out for us, and provided for us, so it’s easy for us to care and have love for my Big Brother!!!

That’s what Big Brothers do💯🙏🏾

Onelove MDz

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