How can you think about homelessness when your barely functioning in a home yourself

How can you support a cause when you’ve never been supported for anything you do

How can you love someone, when you never have been loved before

Why does your needs have to be before some else’s needs

Why is fake the norm and being real isn’t required anymore

When is selfishness going to understand that in life we have our own thoughts and dreams

You can’t help everyone, but you can become selfish and learn to help yourself

Become selfish, don’t waste time one anyone else

Your selfish ways should be strong enough to prevent hopelessness

Become who you want to be, don’t allow someone to dictate your self being

Hurting those who don’t understand that life has been giving to you, and you must grow into you, from youth to adult

We all have faults,

Being selfish is like a sense, like a finger print,

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