Another Day

If you woke up to Another Day today

You have been giving another day To play life

Regardless your win or loss record You still have to move forward and play life

Don’t take life for granted, as we continue to be competitive against one another

Don’t allow negative influences to have a negative impact on your life

If you woke up today, you got the gift of life,

You have the breathe of fresh air flowing through your lungs

It’s all impacted by how you live to learn, to learn to love

Hate only can allow you to suffer internally as the thoughts of hatred embeds your soul pulsating

like a bad heart beating fast, being over worked

When you Wake up to another day, understand that you don’t have to hate’

You live to see another day, make your days worth while,

Don’t allow hate to make Your Day feel worthless, hopeless, relentless, or violent

Allow your day to be plentiful, peaceful, and loving

Another Day isn’t promised to everyone that wants one more day

Until you cross that line, thank God for Another Day


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