When you look through my eyes’ you see that I’m not me

You see that my eyes has an emptiness that shows no mercy

You see that my vision appears to be blurry

As my chest expands in and out more rapidly than automatic weapon fire

But my eyes still haven’t caught up to what’s really being seen at the scene,

When they see me, all they see is a young black male, aggressively aggravated

When they see me, their afraid of being harassed or attacked, but I won’t hurt you

When they see me, I’m screaming loud, but I’m screaming for help, I’m screaming for attention

I’m screaming give me a hug, I need love

I’m screaming, I need love so can I have a hug

The emptiness in my eyes over shadowed by the lost soul, within me

The lost mentality of a lost soul that’s been lost in the struggles of a life that’s lost, eternally

This life was a life that could have, would have, should have been saved

Instead this life, was sent to and early grave, a life lost in a maze

This life has seen his last days,

This life was precious as this life could not be saved,

Suicide is real, mental illness is real, depression is real, and stress is real,

It takes a life to deal with all of em,

It takes a strong mind to combat all of them,

I takes a strong mind to conquer all of them, as we continue to grow finding ourselves within ourselves

Still, We are lost,



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