What’s Next

What’s your Next move??

No one really knows your Next move, Do you even know your Next move?

You can plan your next move but it can be altered by somethings that’s not even relevant to your life or your world. We should all try and make the Next move the Best move that could be made because as life gets shorter, so does time. There’s not enough time to worry about the Next move, just know that the Next move has to be made to better your world, your life, your circumstances. The Next move should be to put the bottle down so you can vision your world a little more clearer. The Next move is to go for the job that you feel your not qualified for. The Next move is to ask someone if they need help at something you know your good at. The Next move should be glorified by the highest powers and simplified for us on earth. We should value our moves in life so you won’t make your Next move your Last move’ and make your last move your next move’ win or lose’

Onelove MDz

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