Love Life, Don’t Allow Bullshit

Live life to love life, why worry about what you can’t handle

Don’t allow negativity to enter you world and disrupt your positive thoughts

Don’t allow anyone to form an opinion about you that ain’t true

Be as real to yourself as you are to everyone else

If you don’t learn how to love life, how can you love period

It starts with loving who you are and respecting who you are

Don’t Allow someone to steal you flow, your shine, your grind

Stay humble to your own self, stay true to what makes you you

Stay relevant to our society and keep loving life

In the end, your legacy will outshine anyone who hates life

Don’t allow  anyone who hates life, to feed you their bullshit

Because anyone who takes a life, is full of bullshit

Don’t allow anyone who thrives on the destruction of life to manifest in you

Live life to love life

Onelove MDz

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