Nipsey Hussle

This dude was a pillar in his community

Although he was still connected to these streets

Hood shit got nigga’s lying on the ground looking weak

Educated in the streets and vulnerable  to society

Wonder why people do what they do

Guns don’t kill, ignorant people with guns do

Then they come back and continue to shoot

Eye’s closed, bullet chips your tooth, while it goes through you

At this point, your not even here anymore

One mentally incarcerated, ones going through heavens doors

I can’t take this shit no more, senseless crime

Whether rhyme or reason, its still all about the rhyme

All about the grind, we are still tryin

To live a life without senseless crimes, watching parents crying 

Nipsey touched a nerve, he didn’t get what he deserved

But no one never does, live for the hate fuck the love

When there hit disrespected, by a dumb nigga with a gun

And kicked while he’s down,  got the world numb

We don’t realize our faults, our strengths, or muscle

Until we lose another soldier, to these streets, like Nipsey Hussle!!!!

Rest Easy all the fallen soldiers from far and near, We’ve lost some good ones along this hip hop journey.  There comes a time in life in which you must reflect on your life like the reflection of yourself in the mirror and think, IS YOUR LIFE WORTH IT??

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